Tangled Bookmarks: Jakiblue – fantastic reviewer and all-around awesome lady

Terribleminds: Chuck Wendig’s blog site.  Writer who has published both traditional and the self-publish routes.  Lots of writing advice and intriguing profanity.

NaNoWrimMo: Strap in and prepare yourself for a month of madness.  This November commit to getting that story out of your head and onto paper.

Dean Wesley Smith: Extremely prolific writer and a hardcore advocate of self-publishing.

Guido Henkel: Ready to publish that shiny new ebook?  Don’t skimp on formatting – learn how to do it right.

The Book Designer: Learn about presenting your book in the best light.  There’s more to a book cover than a cheesy stock image with your name scrawled across it in Courier.

Lee Dunning: My author web site where you can immerse yourself in my ego. )

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